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His real name is: Seçkin Sefa Durası.
He started his music career by doing soundtrack studies for various projects. He turned soundtrack musics he has produced since 2014 into an album in 2019. His first album, Midnight Album, is a compilation of his previous soundtrack works. Daybreak EP, released in the same year, is a Rock type album that it has prepared separately from the project works. B_Side Special Projects, which was released in 2020, has shared all the works he has not previously included in his albums.

Although he generally published compositions from Electro and House genres, he produces in Rock genre. The music composed by Seckin is of the soundtrack genre. Includes outdoor pictures on album covers. All songs and albums are in English, while song and album names tell a connecting story.

The albums were released in California, USA, under the production of Seckin Fikir INC.

According to Spotify 2020 March data, on an album basis:

Published in 2019, Midnight Album listened to 47,000 Daybreak EP 25,000 in 75 countries.

According to the same data, the top 10 countries are:

1 United States
2 Germany
3 United Kingdom
4 Spain
5 France
6 Canada
7 Australia
8 Mexico
9 India
10 Italy
21 Turkey